10 Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Workout Journey

If you want to start your workout routines, that’s great! It’s never too late to start exercising. If you read this post, I bet you want to try to exercise. Your willingness is a good start!

From 2019, I consistently exercise 3-4 times a week. Sometimes, I even go for 5-6 workouts a week. If you think that’s not possible for you, don’t worry! I thought the same when I haven’t started exercising. Turns out, workouts become a ritual that I seek every morning. And it’s doable whether we work from home or work from office.

I listed some tips that work really well for me in the last 2 years. You don’t have to do everything on this list. But, for me, doing one workout tip below will leads me to do the next tips. That’s even happened unconsciously! Let’s check the most suitable workout tips for you.

1. Have a yoga mat
I really suggest you have this first. A yoga mat is a simple and great investment to kickstart your workout regimen. First, you can place it everywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. You don’t need to use your sneakers! Second, it protects your body from unnecessary pain. Say goodbye to hurt elbows from planks. Lastly, it’s cheap. Okay, there are also some expensive yoga mats, but a $5 yoga mat can last for years! Mine already 2 years where I use it daily, and it still works great.

2. Place your workout gears near you 
Whether it yoga mat, running shoes, dumbells, place it everywhere in your sight. Place it in your bedroom or living room. You will most likely be remembered to workout, rather than if it’s stored in your garage. I don’t suggest sleeping with your running shoes (although some people do it), but have your yoga mat on the floor makes you reminded easily. That’s a subtle but strong reminder! 

3. Download workout apps
Have a pre-selected workout makes your preparation easier. You don’t have to think about what to do! Unlike social media, a dedicated workout app will most likely less distracting. You can easily focus to do your workout.

4. Have a workout partner
Partner, friend, family member, or even work colleagues can be a source of motivation to do a consistent workout. You will cheer each other and have fun together! You may look forward for the next time you workout together with them.

5. Make it easy: start with stretching only
If you feel a bit lazy, just do a quick stretching. After 30 seconds of stretching, you may start to feel better. 3 minutes, you may be interested to do a workout. 10 minutes later, you may have already done your HIIT workout. You can do anything for 30 seconds!

6. Start small and short: start with 5 minutes
Start with a short workout. For example, start with 5 minutes workout once a week for one month. Yes, I said one month. You will most likely succeed since it’s doable for you. Next month, you can increase it to twice a week. In the next two weeks, you may already get used to it. You might ramp up your workout time to 10 minutes. In 3 months, you may already hit a 3 days workout per week.

However, do anything that fits you! Everyone is different. You can find your most suitable method by trial and error.

7. Be realistic
If you are new to workout, be realistic on the workout schedule. It’s okay to workout once a week since our body needs adjustment. Acknowledge every time you do your workout. Every workout counts. At least, you’ve done it. That’s a good start!

8. Set a reminder
Usually, a workout app will have a built-in reminder. A phone reminder will work well too. This only took a minute to set but will help you in a long run. And, of course, set a reminder is so easy.

9. Reward yourself
You can try to do a 30 days workout challenge and prepare a gift for yourself. At the start, you will feel obliged. But, since you have a great plan, you managed to do a week. For the second week, you may start to get used to it. In the third week, you may start to like your workout! When the challenge is finished, you will be really proud of yourself. Trust me, that’s a really great feeling!

10. Have fun!
Do what you enjoy! So many workouts you can choose. Yoga, pilates, HIIT, cardio, kickboxing, dancing, barre, strength, that’s only a few lists to start. You can even choose an outdoor sport like biking, running, soccer (if the circumstances allow). If you do what you like, you will most likely do it often.

Just pick one or two tips that you like best. Hopefully, you will establish a good workout routine. Today is a great day to start exercising!

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