How To Make Yourself To Workout When You’re Lazy — 15 Workout Tips

Workout tips
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Do you struggle with keeping up your workout routine? I totally get it. Sometimes life gets in our way, and we can be not in the mood of exercising. But, here’s the thing. If you’re already on your workout journey, that’s great! Fitness is crucial for your health, both mentally and physically. So, it’s important to keep your workout on track. I have put 15 workout tips to bust your workout rut.

Create an awesome workout playlist

Music can boost up your mood! Uplifting workout music can motivate us and it helps us to reduce our stress when we push our limits. Try to turn on some music while you prepare your yoga mat or changing up your clothes. It will be a subtle way to fire up your workout motivation!

Spice up your exercise routine

Bored of doing the same workout everyday? Try dancing, kickboxing, barre, or even pilates–there’s plenty of workouts to try! Don’t worry if you never try these workout. You will never know if you can do kickboxing if you never try. A new session will always full of surprises!

Have a workout partner

Workout partner

You can ask anyone to be your workout partner. Your lover, friend, family member, even work colleagues, all have the potential to be your workout partner. This will be beneficial for both you and your partner’s workout journey! You will encourage each other and exchanges some ideas about your workout. Just make sure they are already interested in a workout. Even if they not, you can encourage them to exercise, because everyone does knows that exercise is beneficial.

Try new workout equipment

Exercise equipment shouldn’t be expensive and fancy. If you never try a dumbbell, this is a great start. Just try 2 pounds dumbbell. A $10 dumbbell will surely amp up your workout. You can use this in cardio, strength, HIIT, barre, pilates, until kickboxing. The option are endless! You can also try skipping rope and elastic band. Who knows a $10 purchase is a great investment for your workout!

Move to another space

Where do you exercise the most? If you often do that in your bedroom, try to move to the living room. Don’t worry, your family member or your roommate won’t mind. Even so, you may impress them! You can also try to exercise on your balcony or your garage. I’m sure you can get pretty creative in choosing your workout space.

Join a community

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a fitness community. No need to worry about the pandemic, there are so many fitness communities online. Try to read the discussion in the Youtube comment section or Facebook thread–you’ll see that everyone also struggles as you are. You can also find new ideas and motivation to rev up your workout!

Experiment your workout time

If you’re workout mostly in the evening, try to switch to the morning. Or, vice versa. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you will discover a new way that exercise will impact you. A morning workout can boost your energy, while a night workout will help you sleep faster.

Try new workout coach

There’s plenty of workout coach online. Trying a new coach may be uncomfortable at first, but this can give you a great surprise at the end. Yiu can try The Body Coach TV, Nourish Move Love, or try a new workout app. Personally, I like FitOn app.

Follow a workout challenge

That’s a great feeling after you see a perfect streak of a completed challenge. You know that you won’t feel great if you cheat on a workout challenge. Also, a workout challenge can help you to maintain a workout habit. After all, you don’t want to break the chain after all the hard works, right?

Challenge your thoughts

If you are doing fine, then mostly your rut might come from your thought. Try to challenge your excuses! Our thought is a powerful activator of your life. When you think you can do the exercise, you will feel optimistic and do your workout. You have the power to choose your thought. What will you choose?

Equip yourself some workout motivation quotes

Sometimes we just need a spark of hope or words of motivation. It may sound cheesy, but reading motivation quotes works! Check here to get some awesome workout quotes. You will be surprised at a power that comes from some words!

Remember your why

What’s motivating you to exercise in the first place? You may experience a revelation or simply be inspired by an internet article. Having a good reason to workout means that you have hope that you can have a better life for your future. Make sure to build that future for you.

Keep it simple

Just try 10-minute cardio or light yoga. After all, every workout counts! You can even just do a quick stretch or cooling down. A good workout is one that happen.

Treat yourself

Who doesn’t like treats? Set up a reward for yourself after completing a workout program. You will be proud of yourself if you work and earn your reward!

Have fun!

This is by far the best workout tips you can give to yourself. Make sure you are having fun in the process. Do the exercise that you like, not the one you feel obliged to. If you do what you like, you will do it often.

Final words: pick one or two workout tips

If you are stuck in a workout rut, just know that you are not alone. Everyone else most likely will face the same issue, sooner or later. But, you can always find a way to resolve your workout rut. Just try one or two tips above to improve your workout journey!

Hopefully, you can get some inspiration to lift up your workout rut. Do you have your own workout tips? Share yours in the comment section.

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