5 Best Free Home Workout Apps in 2021

Everyday is always a good time to start a workout routine. Whether you work from home or work from an office, you can do a quick workout as your morning habit.

For some people, starting a home workout can be a struggle. We may think that we need complete equipment to start a home workout. Actually, starting to workout is easy! You only need our body. Okay, maybe with a yoga mat. A $5 yoga mat is more than enough to start your workout routine.

The next easy things that you can do is to download a workout app. I believe that you deserve a healthy life and you don’t have to pay to have a good workout.

An app can help you be more focused to start the exercise. However, you can also try the online workout video on youtube. For me, a good workout app really helps me to workout consistently. 2021 has been the third year of my workout journey, and I really enjoy it! Also, the app I use is 100% FREE!

I listed the top 5 free home workout apps that works really well for me. The list is really simplified so you can choose the workout clearly and not become confused with a long list. Let’s jump in!


This is by far the best app from some home workout apps that I use. I use it since 2019 and never miss this every day! FitOn has a great range of workouts. The workout starts from beginner until advanced level. Bodyweight only or with equipment, you can find it. Yoga, HIIT, kickboxing, pilates, cardio, barre, strength, prenatal, postnatal—even meditation, are available on the app. The workout is the follow-along type. The trainers always motivating!

Free workout app

Download FitOn here: Google Play | iOS

Nike Training Club
If you want to seek an alternative to FitOn, Nike Training Club is also a big thing to consider. NTC has more than 185 workouts, start from yoga to HIIT. This is not a follow-along workout video, but the good thing is you can see the workout program before starting. No unexpected surprise at the end of the workout—you can check it at the start. NTC also free to use!

Download Nike Training Club here: Google Play | iOS

Keep Trainer
I use Keep before FitOn and it also helps me to stay on track. The design of this app is really clean, and you can preview the workout before starting. You can also set your goals, too. The app is free to use, and the more you use it, the more program it unlocks for you. It’s like a never-ending motivation!

Download Keep here: Google Play | iOS

Home Workout
What I like about this app is that it’s simple and lightweight. Home Workout has a curated workout challenge, and without you know it, you already finished it! The workouts are short and it’s really perfect for a beginner.

Download Home Workout here: Google Play | iOS

7 Minute Workout
I start exercising with this app. 7 Minutes Workout is one of the pioneers of a workout app developer. The workout is really simple and doable but also gives you the best cardio burns. You have 7 minutes to spare, of course!

Download 7 Minute Workout here: Google Play | iOS

Hopefully, you can level up your workout journey with these free home workout apps. You can cultivate a workout habit, whether you are working from home or in an office. What’s your favorite workout apps? Kindly share yours in the comment section!


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