Why Gratitude is Beneficial for You

No need to experience a grandiose event to be grateful–we can be grateful for a simple thing in our daily life. The simple things in our daily life is a miracle. A burst of sunshine passing the window, a glass of water, or the roof of your home. We usually take these things for granted.

By being mindful, we can see the miracles of simple things. The water eases our thirst. The sunshine grows our food. The roof protects us from harsh weather. I won’t elaborate on every abundance that comes from every little thing in our home, that will be endless!

When you realize this, you can start to see that your life is full of abundance. We already have so much to live on. By being aware of this, we can cultivate a sense of gratefulness and happiness in our life. So many things we can benefit from by being grateful for our daily life.

We appreciate ourselves more–and the others, and this lifts our mood
When was the last time you congratulate yourself on your achievement? If you don’t remember, that’s okay. It’s common to ignore our effort to survive in this world. But if you want to, you can try to do this now. Remember how much struggle you endure after all this time! Your effort, how tiny, really counts. You have every ability to survive in your life until now. The fact that you are reading this post right now means that you are still alive. And that is a miracle! You will start to feel that your mood lifted.

But, you might be wondering that everyone also has the same body as you. “If every human is the same, then where is the miracle? It’s no miracle, it’s just a normal”. My friend, you just find your answer–everyone is also a miracle! They have their own characteristic that makes them survive in their life.

Also, the person you never met may have helped you indirectly. The administration workers at the hospital, the truck driver who delivers the milk to the grocery store, or the janitor who swept the office floor, all produce a miracle that they even not aware of.

We need less of new things
When we appreciate things we already have, we see that we have enough. We won’t throw out every useful thing we have just because of its appearance. You like the plain black t-shirt you have because of its function. It is comfortable and it covers your body. Since this t-shirt still functions well, no need to buy a new one.

By aware of this, we will unconsciously stop a consumptive impulse to purchase new things. We will also save more money. That’s good news for your wallet!

We eat less and healthier
When you feel enough, you start to be mindful of excessive eating. You may start to choose a healthier option of your meal. Become aware of the miracle of a vegetable, you will more grateful for its effect on you. Eating broccoli makes your stomach works better, lower your cholesterol, and so on. By becoming aware of it, we can cultivate a habit to eat healthy food daily.

This doesn’t mean fast food is not a wonder. A french fries has many miracles, too! It has a delicious taste that we can’t resist. But when you start to contemplate, you will realize that it’s something you don’t want to consume mindlessly. You only want to savor the taste. After taste it, you can be thankful for it. Thanks because it happened. After that, you can move on. You will realize that you need less fast food. Bye, french fries! You can choose to consume food that nourishes you daily.

We will become happier
When we try to appreciate anything, we will think positively of it unconsciously. When we cherish our life, we start to feel grateful. We have abundance in our life! By realizing this, we become more content and become happier.

We can also cultivate a spark of happiness when facing a problem. A problem in life can make us stronger. We learn much from our experiences and we become a better version of ourselves.

We become stronger
By seeing the silver lining of everything, we can see that everything that happened just happens. It’s not meant to harm us, it’s just happened. We don’t see any problem as a threat. We become more resilient by welcoming any problem we endure.

Hopefully, you will start to see the good things in your life. Our life has ups and downs, but we can cultivate our gratefulness to have a better life.

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