6 Quick Morning Routine to Make a Perfect Day

Do you know that a morning routine can profoundly impact your day? Yes, it does! That’s why you need to make your morning as perfect as it can. To make a perfect morning is not hard. I can show you how!

A perfect morning routine does not be too grandiose or complicated. A small and actionable step is what it takes to create a perfect morning. All you need is only 10 minutes of your morning. Surely you have 10 minutes!

Open your window or door

Fresh air in the morning is a good start for your day. You will most likely see the natural light and get some vitamin D. By simply open up your window, you can feel recharged and awake by natural light. After all, it only takes 30 seconds!

Make your bed

Morning routines
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This is the most important to make yourself get out of a rut. Most people feel that this is not important. However, when your bed is untidy, what will you do? Most likely you want to lay in bed all the time, especially if you are working from home. What are the actual things do you want? You must want your day to become perfect and awesome. And that won’t happen when you stay in bed all time. Then, get up and make your bed! You will thanks yourself later.

Hydrate with a plain mineral water

Everyone knows the importance of drinking enough water every day. In this step, I advise you to drink plain mineral water. Not tea, coffee, or juice. Our body needs to hydrate after a night’s sleep, and mineral water works best rather than thick flavored water. After all, you can have your coffee afterward!

Sit still for 1 minute

Try to be aware of yourself and your surrounding. Focus on yourself first rather than checking your phone or social media. After all, the world won’t go anywhere in 1 minute. By sitting still and being mindful, you can feel calmer to start your day!

Stretch it out

Let go of the cracks and cramps that make your body stiff and uncomfortable. You will feel more alive and refreshed after loosening up your body. 1 minute surely enough to stretch your body!

Write 3 most important to-do’s for the day

Now that you know your condition after wake up, write down your to-do list for the day. Maybe you have listed your to-do in the night before. If so, that’s great! Just recheck whether you need to adjust your to-do or just have it a go. Having a clear plan can give you a sense of control of your day.

There you have it! No complicated and hectic steps to have a perfect morning routines. Sure, you can continue with a healthy breakfast and grooming. You can even start to exercise.

I like to start with the 6 steps above. By doing a perfect morning routines, my morning is much focused, peaceful, and calmer.

After that, I usually continue with an exercise. I do some tweaks to make exercise a morning habit. And turns out it’s easy! I can maintain a 2 years workout routine, and you can too! I also find that a workout app helps me better focus on exercising.

If you already do these morning routines, that’s great! If not, you can choose one or two that suit you best for your day. Take your time to introduce an improvement in your morning one at a time, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Everyone is different and you know what you need best.

Having a perfect morning routine feels good. Just give it a shot! Anyway, how’s your morning routines go? You can share yours in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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