5 Important Reasons to Embrace Change for a Happier Life

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I know well that we are all suffering from stress from the pandemic. We want to have a happier life. We hope that things will go back to normal without any problem. But, turns out this is not useful. Our resistance to change only escalate our stress.

To live happier, we have to embrace change. You might wonder, why then we better embrace it instead to fight it? And how to embrace change?

There is no absolute permanent in everything

Just when we expect to have a life full of optimism, the coronavirus pandemic hits hard. But, if you recall the last few decades, there have always ups and downs in life. You should be more flexible to embrace change.

After all, good things in life happen, too! Remember when you have all access to go to the music concert before the pandemic. Who knows we will have a much cooler gig in the future! You can try to see the good things in your life.

Some things are not within your control

What are things under your control? According to Epictetus, the Stoic philosopher, what things within our control is anything that comes from our mind. That includes our thought, opinion, attitude, and behavior. Other things besides that are not fully under our control. For instance, we can’t control our bodies to not get sick forever.

But, fret not! This doesn’t mean that it’s useless to not have control of external things. Instead, this insight liberates us. You can start to less attached to your possessions. If you are too attached, let’s say, to your money, you are more prone to stress because you’re afraid of any risk that might happen.

That doesn’t mean by detaching you will become careless. You can always be prepared even if you are attached or not. It just about what view you want to have. You can choose the best view that makes you live happier. Choose wisely!

Things just happen

When was the last time that you think, “why this is happening to me?” The fact is things that happen just happen. No matter you are there or not, life will always go on.

When you are trapped in heavy rain, being angry and blame the rain won’t solve your anguish. Instead, we can choose to think about how to improve your condition.

When things are changing unexpectedly, just be remember that you can improve your condition. It just a matter of your will!

There’s always a silver lining to everything

This is classic and it’s true. Enough said! Seeing the silver lining doesn’t mean being naive. It helps us to be grateful.

When you are being grateful, you will feel better about your life. You will also see your life in a more neutral view rather than being pessimistic. Even better, you may feel more optimistic!

You will always change, too

Remember how much you’ve changed since your childhood. Your mindset, hobby, interest, goals, and everything may already change. Even your body part always changing every day; hair, nails, skin, until blood and neurons.

We can always direct our change for the better. We have control of our thoughts, and our thoughts are really powerful. Choose good thoughts and be virtuous. With your thoughts, you have every power to change your life for the better!

Final remarks: everyone can have a happier life

Hopefully, you get some insight to live happier by embracing change. You have every power to have a happier life. Just turn on the fire of optimism within you.

What’s your way to live happier? Just share yours in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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