11 Free Meditation Apps in 2021 to Relieve Stress

Feeling stressed and burned out lately? Mindfulness can help you to relieve stress and relax after a hard day. I like to practice mindfulness meditation after a hard day. Especially when no one around. Because I won’t feel awkward when someone seeing me meditating!

You don’t need any special equipment to practice mindfulness meditation. Everyone can do it! Also, you can start by practicing 1-minute mindfulness.

There’s an app for everything these days, and that includes mindfulness. You can use meditation apps to help you cultivate mindfulness.

It’s not easy to find good and free meditation apps. Sometimes I am discouraged by the high subscription cost. On the other hand, I understand that we also need to support the developers and mentors.  

However, that makes me think, do only the rich person can meditate? I think that everyone needs to have a chance to meditate. Also, as a person who works as a finance professional, I am really picky to choose and buy any apps. 

I believe that everyone deserves to have a happier life through mindfulness. And you don’t always have to pay for it. Luckily, after a persistent of searching, I found some free meditation apps you can try on. 

Still, if you happen to be lucky and have some money to spare, you can also support the developers and donate to them.

1. Medito 

free meditation app

I give a high thumbs up for Medito. This app is a game-changer. 

Medito is a non-profit meditation app. The resources are so wide, ranging from daily meditation, relieve stress, until to cope with racism.

And it’s 100% free! I even can’t believe it. 

I already try this since 2020 and really like this! The voice is gentle, slow, has a good amount of pause, and it’s customizable. You can choose the speaker’s voice, duration, and even background music.

You can use this app for free forever. But if you want to contribute to the app development, you can donate to them here.

Get the app here: Medito

2. Plum Village 

free meditation app

Plum Village is another free meditation app you can try. Plum Village itself is a Buddhist monastery based in France. The founder of Plum Village is Thich Nhat Hanh, a monk and peace activist born in Vietnam.  

But, the content in the Plum Village app is ingestible for every person with various beliefs. The resources are huge since they also include the Plum Village podcast in this apps.

Also, you can use Plum Village for free for your mindfulness journey. If you want to contribute, you can directly donate to them through their website

Check the app here: Plum Village 

3. Black Lotus 

black lotus

Black Lotus app is based on a religious community in India. Om Swami, the founder, is an entrepreneur turned monk. However, the content also still ingestible for every person from various beliefs.

Black Lotus is not only a meditation app. The app guides you to build your inner mindfulness journey with various activities.

The uniqueness of Black Lotus is that it also guides you to develop your inner virtue. There is a feature called Random Act of Kindness (RAK). In RAK, you can read the community’s virtuous acts in their daily life. 

This will inspire you to do your own virtuous deeds to become a better person.

Black Lotus is not a 100% free meditation app, but you can use some of its content freely. If you want to amp up your mindfulness journey, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. However, I found that the free content is still really useful, especially if you are new to mindfulness and meditation.

You can download Black Lotus here.

4. Insight Timer 

insight timer

If you want to search and pick your own meditator, you can try Insight Timer. Insight Timer has the vastest amount of free content of meditation and mindfulness. 

Ranging from guided meditation, talks, meditation music, no wonder it awarded as apps of the year by TIME Magazine.

Okay, Insight Timer is not a 100% free meditation app. You need to upgrade your membership if you want to join some mindfulness courses. But, personally, I think that the free content already enough to practice mindfulness daily.

You can download Insight Timer here.

4. UrbanYogi 

Urban Yogi

Sometimes I overwhelmed by decision fatigue when choosing a meditation in Insight Timer. If you want an alternative to Insight Timer, you can give UrbanYogi a shot.

Personally, I like to use UrbanYogi for de-stress and sleep. Their long sleep music helps me to fall asleep better!

At first, UrbanYogi is a free meditation app. However, from the end of 2020, they changed to a subscription system. But, I still find the free content of UrbanYogi is useful.

Download UrbanYogi here (Android / iOS).

5. Let’s Meditate 

let's meditate

Let’s Meditate is a full free meditation app. The resource maybe not so much from the other apps, but it’s still useful. This is one of the oldest and free meditation apps in the Google Play Store. Also, this is one of the first meditation apps I use!

You can download Let’s Meditate here.

7. Medativo 


If you are an advanced meditator, pretty sure you like to do silent meditation. Then, if you can try Medativo.

You can choose the reminder sound freely and set an interval timer between a session. Personally, I like to put a 15-minute timer with a bell every 5 minutes. 

You can use Medativo for free or you can simply pay a little fee to remove the ads. Download Medativo here.

8. Atom 

atom meditation

The Atom developer makes this app based on the Tiny Habit method from B.J. Frogg. Atom introduces that you can start having a meditation habit from 1-minute training.

This is a great app to start your meditation habit, especially if you don’t want to spend 10 to 15 minutes per day.

It has a 21-day challenge that really easy and doable. You can try to build your meditation habit by trying this challenge. Download Atom here.

10. FitOn 

Actually, this is a fitness app. But, there is a huge range of healthy activities on FitOn, and that includes meditation. This section just coming out at end of 2020. 

I use FitOn for daily workouts, and when this features come, I am so excited! It’s like having a personal coach for your wellbeing journey.

Not to forget to mention, FitOn is 100% free to use. But, if you want to unlock the healthy recipes features for your diet, you can upgrade to the premium feature. Get FitOn here.

11. Meditation game 

Okay, it’s not a pure meditation app per se, but it’s a nice relaxing game based on meditation. If you want to look at your screen, relax, and meditate, then Meditation Game is for you. 

Sometimes I also want to play a mobile phone game. But, I don’t want to get sucked into the game and feeling tired afterward. Some games are built to have a win-or-lose system, which for me, is not relaxing. 

But, this Meditation Game doesn’t make a win-or-lose system. That’s why it’s relaxing! You only need to read some sentences and follow the light with soothing music here. You can try Meditation Game here.

Speaking of mindfulness…

Mindfulness can help you to relieve stress and have a calmer life. However, I know that mindfulness is not an easy fix to relieve stress. You need time and effort to practice mindfulness.

But the good news is, mindfulness can help you to create a balanced life. Because you will be more intentional about what will nourish your mind, body, and soul.

To have a balanced life, you can also try to practice self-care and stay physically active. Check here to get your free self-care planner to make a self-care routine to nourish your mind, body, and soul.


Final words

Hopefully, you can continue your mindfulness journey with the list of free meditation apps above. What’s your favorite app? Maybe I haven’t listed some free meditation apps that you find useful. I’d love to hear yours!

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