How to Thrive and Embrace Uncertainty with the Right Mindset

how to cope with uncertainty

Everyday, everything changes. Moreover, with the pandemic, the future seems uncertain than ever. The uncertainty is the blame on what makes us feel stressed. We want to reduce our stress, and we think that we want more certainty than ever. We want to cope with uncertainty.

But, I have to break the news for you. We can’t escape the uncertainty. Why? Because life will always be uncertain. Change is the only permanent. So, you have to learn how to cope with uncertainty. If you think that your life will always be the same, just be prepared for some surprises. If that’s the case, how can we lower our stress?

Sometimes good, sometimes bad

The good news is when you think your life is bad now, the future of your life can change. Maybe you will have a good life again! After all, your life will always change and has its ups and downs.

In short, sometimes our life is good, sometimes our life is bad. If we only highlight the bad things, we will feel that your life is bad. So, if you want to feel good, you should highlight the good thing of your life. There must be something good in your life! The future may be uncertain, but you can always cope with uncertainty if you have the right mindset.

How to cope with uncertainty

To cope with uncertainty, we need to be more flexible. By being flexible is by changing your mindset. If your mindset is too fixed, your life will always seem to clash with reality. The clash between our expectations and reality can make us suffer and stressed out.

Fortunately, we can change our minds. Life is always changing, and that includes yourself. If you look back at your past self, you can see that you already changed much, physically and mentally. And you may experience change again in your future.

A flexible mindset

You can change your perspective to be more flexible. To do this, you have to let go of your ego and level down your pride. I know it’s not easy! However, it’s really doable. You also need to let go of your expectation. By letting go of our expectation, we liberate ourself from the burden of a fixed mindset. With flexibility, you are ready to embrace change.

That is to say, a fixed mindset makes a prison for yourself. By being flexible, you set yourself free! No more clash of your expectation and reality.

You might think that a flexible mindset is a defeat from your value. By letting go of your value, you don’t know where to hold on to and what to do. But, no need to worry. Actually, you can still apply your value where and when it suitable the most.

Assume that you think that you will never take any debt at all costs. Any debt includes credit cards, is a no-no to you. But then, you are in another country and your debit card gets swollen in the cash machine. You need to make an urgent flight payment in 10 minutes. You dig your bag and your wallet, them you found a credit card! Luckily, your partner had prepared you a credit card for emergency use. Do you still want to stick to your value even it makes you miss your flight? If it’s me, I know I won’t–so, in this case, I might use the credit card immediately. I will take care of the swollen debit card and pay the credit card billing as soon as possible.

Final verdict

The story above is just a simple explanation about life difficulty in our daily life. You might experience a different problem. When you face a clash between your value and reality, just realize that you can be flexible. After all, everything will always change, and it includes you. Whether the change is good or bad is just about your perspective.

Hopefully, this can helps you with the idea of how to cope with uncertainty. Everyone is different and you may have a different view about this. What’s your thought? Share it in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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