How to Overcome Procrastination The Right Way

overcome procrastination

Do you find yourself procrastinating now? If yes, you’re not alone. I also procrastinate on my tasks only to find myself groaning when the deadlines approaching. We really want to overcome procrastination easily. We may turn on uplifting music, remove desk clutter, make a priority list, and try the other productivity hack to get out from a rut. But yet, we fall again. Is there another way to stop procrastination?

Turns out, changing our way of thinking can help us to overcome procrastination. At first, I thought it’s hard and impossible. After I try, turns out it’s really easy and powerful! How so?

Change our thoughts

Our thought is powerful. It can impact our behavior and feeling. Luckily for us, we can change our way of thinking with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Sounds so phycological, eh? We may have heard about this somewhere on the internet. For me, the best source that explains this method is Feeling Good by David Burns.

There is a method that really works for me to overcome procrastination. Yes, finally! The technique is called “But Rebuttal”. It’s a self-talk about the “buts” if you put your task down. You respond to yourself about your initial thought. After that, you might defense yourself, but try to fight again. You do this until you have no excuse. In practice, it’s so simple!

A discussion with ourself

I want to share my but-rebuttal experience that makes me want to finish my task again. Hint: I change my thoughts from “The work is boring” to “I want to do the task”. 

The italic sentences are my but rebuttal answer.   

Initial thoughts: The work is so boring and frustrating.

BUT I need to do the work so that I can get rest.   

Self-response: Yeah, I know, but I don’t have any motivation to do that! Screw work, the task will be always there anyway!

BUT I can do my work without any motivation. For these several months, I do that without a “special” motivation. And I just finish all the task anyway!

Self-response: You know, the task is really hard and I can’t take it.   

BUT I have all the abilities to do the work. If I don’t have the skill, why would I be accepted in that job anyway? I already did the task in the past, and I can do that task again.

Self-response: I don’t feel like it! I don’t want to do the task!

BUT I want to have the task finished. So, in a way, I want to do the task because I want to have it done. I want to have a fleeting feeling when the task is done. I will feel free when I finish the task, and I want that feeling!   

(End of the discussion)

That’s when my AHA moment comes. I have a different perspective about my work now. I change my thoughts from “The job is boring!” to “I want to do the task!”. Suddenly, it became clear to me. Yes, I do want my task to get done. I do want the relieving feeling when it gets done! How can I didn’t realize this before? So, yeah, without further ado, I do my work.


It’s a happy ending! But I know it’s not a permanent fix, as we might experience ups and downs again in our life. However, whenever boringness hits us, we can use this technique again. Anyway, I don’t endorse Burns or affiliate with him. I only share my experience and do not intend to say that this is the best method for everyone.

Hopefully, you got an inspiration! What’s your thought on this? Share your thought in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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