How to See Everyday Miracles

Working from home has been really eye-opening for me. Although I’m not going out much, I start to discover things that I haven’t realized before. The things we have daily usually taken for granted. I become used to acknowledge the importance of the little things from daily life. I start to see that an ordinary item can have an amazing story, an important function, and a big impact.

“If you live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh – Your True Home

So many philosophies, religions, and beliefs that teach us to be grateful for the simple things. The miracle is everywhere. Where? Everywhere! In our plate of dinner, in our bedroom, or our eyes. Our eyes have a great ability to see a million colors. That’s wonderful! You also read this post with your eyes. Contemplating on this, I become so grateful that I have two well-functioning eyes. I see the abundance of life through my eyes–green forest, sandy beach, the city, the internet, and the people around me. That’s something that I usually take for granted.

Miracle in everyday life is so abundant. Even small things that you never noticed before, like the doorknob in your room, is a miracle. Okay, I may sound exaggerate this, but let’s dig into it. The doorknob protects you from an intruder, close your home from strong wind, makes privacy of your room, and simply close the door. We can list more things its impact–the list is endless. And that’s just from a doorknob.

Is it important to appreciate the simple things? You can read the benefit of being grateful in our daily life in this post. Also, it is not hard to do. If we are mindful of our thoughts, it’s easy to find miracles from daily life. 

Look without judgment 

What you’ve got in front of you? If you read this article, maybe you have your phone in your hand. Let’s start with it! Look deeply at it for a few seconds. No need to judge anything, like its appearance or its function. 

Imagine from where it’s coming from 

After looking deeply at it, you can think of where you get it. You may get it from a phone store in your local mall. The seller got it from the distributor. The distributor got it from the manufacturer. Imagine where the manufacturer got the raw material. The list can go on and on!

Imagine how long it takes to get it 

While you think about where was your phone comes from, you realize that it’s not coming out of nowhere. You might have to save your money. It contains your work! It also applies to the seller, distributor, and manufacturer. What you hold right now is a product from a huge process. 

Remind how long you already have it 

Remember how long it already helps you. For that period, you have gained so much from your phone. Some memories are attached to it.

Be thankful for it 

Calling up your partner, take a photograph, browsing the internet–your phone already helps you well. You can thank your phone (figuratively, not literally!) for the things you already got from it. It also makes who you are today. 

Miracle in life turns out can be found in our daily life. You don’t need to travel somewhere far. You can apply this approach to everything you have in your daily life. You can start with your couch. Your window. Your clothes. Well, literally anything! By seeing the miracle in your daily life, you realize that you already have abundance in your life. You just need to be aware of it!

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