31 Daily Affirmations That Will Improve Your Mindset

What is the easiest way you can do to improve your mindset? You can start with reciting positive affirmations to yourself. The positive affirmations you said to yourself will shift your mindset and manifest what you desire.

What is an affirmation?

Daily affirmations

Affirmation is a positive statement that can be used to encourage and motivate yourself. Saying daily affirmations is one form of positive self-talk, so it will be beneficial for your mindset.

At first, I didn’t believe in the power of daily affirmations. I thought that affirmations are cheezy! Saying an affirmation out loud (when no one is around, of course) made me awkward. Also, I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed by doing that. Thankfully, no one knew what I did.

But after delving into the theory of our mindset and our thoughts, I realize that daily affirmations will bring a positive impact on your mindset.

That’s because what we think will affect our feelings. The self-talk you repeatedly say to yourself, in the long run, will build your mindset.

Your mindset is malleable and is susceptible to change. To have a positive, encouraging, and healthy mindset, we need to build it with positive words. My mindset already changed, and now I believe that affirmations are not cheezy. Oh, how much we can change!

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How to use daily affirmations

There are plenty of ways to make daily affirmations a habit. You can use daily affirmations by:

  • Write in your journal, preferably on the first page
  • Make a daily reminder with a note of the positive affirmations on your phone
  • Recite the positive affirmations when meditating
  • Saying to yourself out loud while looking at the mirror
  • Printing the positive affirmations and display them on your wall
  • Record it with your own voice and hear the recording daily in the morning
  • Use an affirmation app

My personal favorite is to write in my journal and make a daily reminder. But, you can use any method that you like!

31 daily affirmations list

Here are some affirmations that you can use on daily basis. You don’t need to use it all at once, just choose one or two that you think the best.

Building a strong mindset: 

I am the master of my mind. 

I am now aware of my thoughts and I know how to change them for the better. 

I am the master of my thoughts. 

I am now aware of my thoughts and I know how to turn the negative ones into positive ones. 

I choose to think positively about myself. 

Building a growth mindset:  

I am always willing to grow and learn. 

I am becoming a better person every day. 

I take inspired action to achieve my potential. 

I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

I choose to release all the old limiting beliefs. 

Positive daily affirmations for growth mindset

Cultivate self-love: 

I love and respect myself unconditionally. 

I am worthy of love and respect. 

I treat myself and others with respect. 

I am a calm and peaceful person. 

I give myself the care and attention I need. 

Acceptance of ourselves: 

I accept my past and my current life. 

I am grateful for my life and for what I have now. 

I appreciate the unique gifts I have to offer. 

I accept myself for all of that I am and all that I’m not. 

I have abundance in my life. 

Creating a positive attitude:

I face problems with calmness and a wise attitude. 

I am a kind and good person. 

I choose to be happy. 

I am compassionate to myself and other people. 

I am good at helping others to ____ 

Building confidence:

I am proud of myself and my achievements. 

I believe in myself and my abilities to ____ 

I am powerful, confident, and creative. 

I am comfortable with my own skin. 

I am confident and assertive. 

I am the master of my life. 

How to make daily affirmations work for you

You can choose any affirmations you like in your daily life. However, to use a positive affirmation, at least you need to in a condition that supports the affirmation. Saying “I have a vast amount of money” when you are in debt won’t necessarily help you to attract money.

Aside from the supporting condition, you also need to build your self-esteem. Good self-esteem can help you to discover new things that you tell yourself to.

Most importantly, you choose the affirmations that resonate with you and the ones that align with your goals. Be mindful of choosing your affirmations.

For example, I like to write and want to improve my writings. I won’t use an affirmation like “I am a great businessman”. That’s really not suitable for me! 

Ideally, I will choose the affirmation that sounds like this: “I am willing to grow and improve my skills in writing”.

Also, you don’t have to “force” yourself to believe specific affirmations. Saying a positive affirmation like “I am special” when you think you are not will brings nothing good.

Instead, use daily affirmations to highlight the positive aspect of your life that you haven’t realized yet. For example, you might are not satisfied with your life, while actually, you have a good job with good pay (no, I am not talking about myself). To respond to this situation, you can highlight with an affirmation like this: “I have abundance in my life”. 

When affirmations may not work

Be careful when using positive affirmation if you are depressed. When I was depressed, reading positive statements makes me feel worse. After reading Feeling Good by David Burns, I realize what makes me feel that way.

Our depression is linked with low self-esteem. So, beware if you want to use affirmations when you feel depressed. It might fireback you. The most important you need to do when you are depressed is not using positive affirmations, but by building your self-esteem.

I am not an expert when talking about depression. So, please take care of yourself and seek an expert if you are depressed. Depression is a serious condition that needs to take care of seriously.

Final words

Using daily affirmations will help us to build a better mindset. Our mindset is the key to move us to do anything. Choose the affirmations that resonate with you the most.

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