25 Simple Self-care Ideas for a Good Morning Routine

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Want to feel refreshed and energized in the morning? Having a good morning routine will help us to create a better day. I am all about self-care, so, when we have the time to practice self-care in the morning, why not?

This especially important if we’re really busy in our day. Slipping some self-care in our morning routine is a good idea to make a balanced life. Because, self-care is meant to balance our mind, body, and soul.

We don’t have to make a morning routine hard and complicated. Morning is supposed to be refreshing, so no need to be productive in the morning.

Here are 25 simple self-care ideas that you can do in the morning routine. Just pick several ideas that you like.

Practice 1-minute mindfulness

What do you do after waking up? Try to pause for a minute before you do anything. To gain clarity and have a calmer morning, we can try to practice mindfulness. The good news is, we can start with 1-minute mindfulness practice.

When you wake up, sit still for a minute. Focus on your breath and feel your bodily sensation.

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Open your window

Natural light will help us to open our eyes and boost our energy. Not to mention that the morning breeze is so refreshing! Try to savor the morning air in one or two minutes. We can practice mindful breathing simply by opening our windows.

Sunbathe for one or two minutes

If you can’t get a ray of direct sunshine from your window, then go to your balcony or terrace to have a burst of sunshine. Sunshine is the source of natural vitamin D, and it’s beneficial for our health. No need to sunbathe for too long, just try with one minute or two! Maybe, you will feel get used to it and stay longer. That’s good, too!

Block social media for your morning

Social media is an attention seeker machine and will rob our morning time. Later in the day, we will turn our attention to other people after all. So, setting aside our morning for ourselves is all makes sense.

To make it easier, schedule a do not disturb mode every morning or turn off your social media notification beforehand. You won’t miss anything from blocking social media in your morning. Later, you can turn on the notification afterward.

Avoid mindless scrolling

Maybe you have blocked social media in your morning, but you still have Youtube or online news that pops up in your browser. Any app that has a “pull to refresh” mechanism is guaranteed to hook our eyes longer. However, our morning time is limited. It’s better to take care of ourselves first rather than moving our thumb on the screen devices.

Prioritize yourself before work

You need to know that self-care isn’t selfish. That’s one of some misconceptions of self-care that we need to eradicate. We need to give to ourselves first before giving to others. So, focusing on ourselves before work is all makes sense! To prioritize yourself better, you can try several tips below:

  • Turn off email notification in the morning
  • Set a time to reply to any messages, for example after 9am (if it’s not urgent, of course)
  • Start working after you have done your basic self-care like breakfast and taking a bath

Do a quick body scan

Feeling grumpy or bad mood in the morning? Sometimes all we need is extra attention to our body. So, try to sit down or lie down and practice a body scan for a minute or two.

Pay attention to every part of your body. Focus on the bodily sensation. Maybe you have a leaking gut or a mild migraine that you are not aware of. When we know the symptom and the cause of our mood, we can handle ourselves better.

Drink a glass of mineral water

This is a simple but yet often neglected by all of us. Do you know that dehydration can lead to dizziness? Having a glass of water in the morning is one of the simple self-care ideas that will refresh our bodies in an instant. Not to mention that it’s easy to get a glass of water, right?

To make you automatically drink a glass of water in the morning, place a glass or a bottle of water beside your bed before you sleep.

Stretch your body

The benefit of stretching is more than releasing our stiff neck or hearing our cracks in the body. Stretching helps to increase blood flow, improve your posture, decrease tension headaches, and more. You will feel more alive and refreshed after loosening up your body

Tidy up your bed

Want to get energized but still glued in your bed? Then, you might haven’t tidy up from your bed, my friend. Having a tidy bed will give us a subtle reminder that it’s time to get up!

Do a 10 minutes exercise

Exercise is also one way to practice self-care. I know, you might be thinking that exercise is not for you. But let me convince you that exercise is for everyone. We have hundreds of muscles, bones, and ligaments on our bodies. What’s the purpose of it if it’s not to move?

To feel more, you need to move more. So, do you want to get energized, boost your mood, and feel more in your morning routine? Then, give exercise a try.

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Do a quick yoga

If you want to do a light exercise, then you can give yoga a try. To make this easy, you can:

Planning a self-care time during your day

If you haven’t realized it yet, we can practice self-care anytime in our day. The often we practice self-care, the better. Even, we can practice self-care at work when we’re working. Having a good self-care routine will help us to make a balanced life.

To help you planning self-care in your day, you can try to:

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Eat a healthy breakfast

Have you ever read this phrase, you are what you eat? It’s not exaggerated that what we eat will affect our gut and our mind. Taking care of ourselves is including eating healthy food in the morning.

To make this easy, just start to stock up some long-lasting fruit (like apples) and add one fruit to your breakfast.

Take a refreshing bath

Enough said 🙂

Pick inspiring clothes for the day

Whether you are working from home or working at an office, make sure you wear clothes that inspire you to get moving. By wearing comfortable and inspiring clothes, we are reminded subtly that we are ready to face the day.

Currently, I am working from home. While it’s really comfy to wear my pajamas, I know that’s not inspiring!

Turn on inspiring music that makes you happy

You can turn on soothing and relaxing music in the morning. Also, you can listen to some inspiring podcasts. What works most for me is to listen to instrumental music that doesn’t include any lyrics. However, just turn on anything that makes you happy!

Do a random act of kindness to other people

What do you feel when receiving a warm message from your friend? Most likely, you will feel warm and happier. But, turns out practicing the random act of kindness itself will benefit our health. According to Verywellmind, “Practicing random acts of kindness makes people feel helpful, optimistic, efficacious, and boosts self-esteem”. You can send a warm message to your friends or make breakfast for your partner or family.

Journal your thoughts

Journaling is not only about productivity and a to-do list. When it comes to self-care, we can use a journal to take care of ourselves. It’s especially helpful if we need a place to vent anything without anyone judging. Putting our thoughts in a journal helps us to clear our minds better.

Practice gratitude

Another way to write a journal is by list the things we are grateful for. I know, you might read this again and again, but practicing gratitude will help us to boost our mood and be more positive in life. After all, humans have a negative bias. To neutralize our bias, we can incorporate a gratitude list in our daily journal. Filling our gratitude list in our morning routine will help us to build a positive start for our day!

List 3 useful things that you’ve neglected

If you are out of ideas on the things you’re grateful for, try to look around and see the things you’ve usually neglect. We are having so many things in our home, and everything in our home is useful for us. For example, the useful things around me are my phone charger, clothes, and a desk lamp. Without it, my day wouldn’t work as usual. Who knows that trivial things are so useful in our lives?

Practice negative visualization

Negative visualization is a concept that was coined by the great Stoic philosophers. Despite its name, negative visualization is a method to cultivate positive experiences and gratitude.

Negative visualization is imagining that a bad thing would happen to us; then realizing that we are not losing anything at all. It’s like gratitude meditation with an extra shot of pressure. Especially, when we forget to realize our privilege (okay… I admit I often forget my privilege).

Here are easy steps to practice negative visualization:

  1. Think of any valuable thing we have, it can be our job, our finances, or our partner
  2. Imagine for one or two minutes if it’s vanished or disappears
  3. After several minutes, remember that we don’t lose anything
self-care ideas

I think everyone can benefit from negative visualization. For example, when we are not satisfied with our job, our life, or even the dinner meals, engaging in negative visualization reminds us to be grateful in life. It’s like telling us, “You already have everything you need in life. Why are you not satisfied? What do you want, anyway?”

By practicing negative visualization, we can spark extra positivity in our morning.

Practice meditation

There is a zen saying:

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.

But, I feel like one-hour meditation is too much! Personally, I like to meditate 5-10 minutes in the morning. If you need a guided meditation to help you meditate, here are 11 free mindfulness meditation apps you can try.

Do your spiritual or religious ritual

If you are spiritual or religious, then you might have a morning ritual. It’s also a good way to practice self-care in the morning. I think you don’t need to be reminded more of this 🙂

Practice positive affirmations

Writing or saying positive affirmations is a good way to boost our mood in the morning. Look at the mirror, take a deep breath, smile, and tell yourself “I am ready to start the day!”. Here are 31 positive affirmations you can use in your daily routine.

Groom yourself and get ready for the day

Get dressed, cleaned up, and get ready to conquer your day!

What are your favorite self-care ideas for the morning routine?

That’s it! Having self-care in our morning routine will help us to balance our life. Remember that our morning is sacred, so, having self-care in the morning is all makes sense.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to create a better morning routine. What are your favorite self-care ideas to have in the morning routine? I’d love to hear yours!

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