4 Essential Self-care Routine and How to Make It a Sustainable Daily Habit

You might already know the importance of prioritizing our wellness. Having a self-care routine will helps us to improve our well-being in general. For me, I feel so much different when I prioritize my wellness first before the others. Self-care has saved me from burnout, migraine, and GERD, and I don’t even need a prescription to alleviate my illnesses. Sure, I used medication for a while, but when I’m out of lansoprazole, the acid reflux strikes again. Turns out, building a healthy lifestyle is the key to alleviate any illnesses. This advice never gets old!

Maintain a healthy well-being is easy when we know how to do it. Here are 4 are self-care routines that we should do every day to take care of our wellness.

#1 Prioritize sleeping for 7 to 9 hours

Previously, I didn’t realize the power of sleep to our physical health and mental health. Before prioritizing my sleep, I often sleep late and find myself waking up feeling awful the next day. But that changed when I make a 2019 resolution to exercise every morning. This unconsciously leads me to prioritize my sleep.

Prioritizing sleep is the easiest thing we can do but yet we often neglect it. When we sleep enough for 7 hours at the minimum, we will feel energized and happier in the morning. Sleeping earlier avoid us from eating late in the night. That’s a win for weight loss! We also don’t need coffee in the morning so this saves our gut from acid reflux. This especially important for me because I have developed GERD in the past. Turns out, sleeping regularly helps me to alleviate my GERD. What an unexpected relief!

It’s not always easy to prioritize sleep, but it’s possible. To make it easier to prioritize your sleep, you can try to:

  • Plan an exciting activity the next morning. For me, it’s a light exercise like pilates, yoga, or sometimes kickboxing. You can also do your hobby or passion project that excites you.
  • Have evening self-care that makes you relax before sleep in general
  • Stop binge-watching on 9 pm or stop using your devices altogether
  • Make a healthy work boundary to not overwork and avoid overtime
  • Move your night to-do to the next morning
  • When getting sleepy, just sleep. No need to drink caffeine!

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#2 Eat healthy food, at least one fruit or one portion of veggies every day

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I make an example of myself because I was having GERD in the past. Previously, I thought GERD cannot be cured and I felt hopeless. But, when I try to control my diet by prioritizing healthy food, slowly the illness disappears. It took me 2 years to fully healed, but it’s worth it! Now I can even drink alcohol without developing any syndrome of acid reflux.

It’s no secret that fruits, veggies, whole food, and healthy food, in general, are beneficial for our health. To make it easier for us to eat healthy food every day, try some of the following tips:

  • Stock up long-lasting and easy-to-eat fruit such as apples, bananas, oranges, or grapes. Fruit like mangoes or watermelon needs peeling, so it does not make us easier to eat in a go.
  • Eat one fruit in the morning. For example, you can eat one banana as an addition to your breakfast.
  • Have one portion of veggies in your meals. This will help us to adapt to veggies.

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#3 Exercise, move our body or sweat up

So many benefits of exercise that you might already aware of. For me, exercise is the best self-care routine that brings so many benefits! These are what I’ve got after building a daily workout routine from 2019:

  • Energized in the day! I can move from one room to another without effort, walk for an hour without having tired, or doing chores easily.
  • Lifted from my depression and anxiety since I feel the dopamine effect every day.
  • Feel physically confident to go out and socialize because I lose weight and get toned up.
  • Eating healthy food because my body now asks for healthy food besides junk food. Eating junk food makes me feel sluggish where it leads me to feel lazy to exercise the next day. I think my body is already addicted to dopamine, and that can only be achieved through exercise and eating healthy food.

However, I know that not everyone likes to exercise and have the time for it. The good thing is that we can always get sweaty without exercise. For example, you can:

  • Take a morning or evening walk
  • Doing physical chores at home
  • Prioritize walking to a grocery store if it’s possible
  • Using a bike rather than car or other vehicles
  • Have sex. That’s burning calories, too!

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#4 Drink enough water

This advice is so easy and never gets old. But yet, we often ignore it. To make us drinking enough water, try to:

  • Put a glass of water beside you while you’re working
  • Put a glass of water beside our bed to drink in the morning
  • Use a water hydration reminder
  • Drink a glass of water before eating any meals. This also helps us to avoid overeat (and to lose weight!)
  • Drink water when we crave a snack. Most often, the craving will go!

How to Make Self-care Routine Sustainable

While it’s easy to have self-care, we often neglect our wellbeing. Here’s how to make our self-care routine sustainable:

Pick the simple routine, not the complicated one

While having a bowl of smoothie is nourishing, but it takes time and effort to prepare it. You can choose one of the simple tips above to have a simple self-care, like eating one banana for breakfast or put a glass of water beside your bed.

Use a planner

If you’re into a planner, then you can use this free self-care planner or this free weekly wellness tracker to help you establish a solid self-care routine. I am all about a planner! Having a planner will help us to see our patterns and trends so that we can find out how to improve our wellness better.

Get this weekly wellness tracker straight to your inbox.

Have a better why

So, when it comes to self-care, we need to have a good reason to make it a routine. When we think self-care is about having indulgence, then it’s not going to nourish ourselves. And we will not think it is important, because basically, indulgence is not essential for our wellbeing (and sometimes it cost us some money).

Self-care is about nourishing our mind, body, and soul. When we have a good reason for why we’re having self-care, we will most likely stick to our self-care routine.

What’s your favorite self-care routine?

Prioritizing self-care and wellness is important so that we can have better health. Know that self-care isn’t selfish so that no need to feel guilty about having self-care. What’s your favorite self-care routine? I’d love to hear yours in the comment section below.

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