7 Simple Action To Live Healthier That You Can Do Now

Live healthier
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Do you want to get healthy? Most people think that a healthy lifestyle is hard and complicated. For example, people assume that they need to exercise and clean eating to be healthy. Not everyone wants to do that! We want an easy way to live healthier.

Then, is it possible to have a healthier life without much effort? The simple answer is yes!

Start from your mindset

You need to start by changing your mindset. Why it’s important? Because everything is possible when you think it is, and that includes live healthier. Yes, you read this right! Our thought shapes our feeling. How so?

Take an example. If you think that eating fruit is useless, you will feel skeptical and won’t like it. On the other hand, when you think it is useful, you will feel optimistic. Therefore, you will like eating fruit in the end!

You might be wondering, how to change our thought? I know it’s not easy! However, it’s doable. In my opinion, you can change your mind when you see a result. In short, you need to take an action.

How can you like a healthy lifestyle?

“You will never know if you never try.”

I think this quote describes it perfectly. If you never try to change your life, you don’t know what the changes will bring you. However, don’t worry! You don’t have to make a grandiose change to have a healthy lifestyle. You only need to start small and be consistent.

Do you know about the compounding effect? Compounding is when your small action accumulated to give a big impact. When you are consistent, 1% improvement will be accumulated before you know it!

7 actionable ways to live healthier

You can start with a small action. Start with what you can do in 1 minute. You have 1 minute to spare, right? Let’s take a look at these simple ways!

Quick stretching

A sedentary lifestyle tends to make us forget to move. Improve this with a quick stretch!

You can stretch anytime and anywhere. When you’re outside, flexing your hand upwards won’t seem strange. When you are working, stand up and stretch every 1 hour. You will decrease the risk of low back pain. 1 minute is enough for a refreshing stretch!


We stay home due to the pandemic. This makes our chance to open space is limited. Avoiding coronavirus is necessary, but you still need a healthy dose of sunlight. The natural vitamin D from the sun is beneficial for our health.

Simply open your window or your door! Stay at your balcony or your terrace (when no one is around, of course) to get some sunlight. Surely you can do this in 1 minute, but if you have a longer time, then why not!

Install anti-blue light app

Our phone screen emits a blue light that can impact our sleep. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch your phone at night, tho! Install an anti-blue light app on your devices is enough to lower the blue light effect.

After trying several apps, I end up using Twilight. And try to install an anti-blue light app on your laptop, too. F.lux is one of the best software to reduce blue light on your pc. It only takes several minutes to keep your eyes healthy.

Wash your hand with a soap

I emphasize soap because sometimes people wash their hands without soap. Follow the health protocol! 1 minute surely enough to wash your hand.

Straight up your posture

I recommend you to watch this TedEd video on the benefits of good posture. How do you look at your screen now? Be aware of your posture. Straight up!

Eat 1 fruit in the raw form

You can grab and eat fruit immediately. After all, fruit can be eaten raw. It’s not like you need a prep before eating fruit! Similarly, eating raw fruit is easier than making a smoothie or a juice.

Stock easy go-to fruits on your dinner table. Personally, I like apples and bananas. Sweet ripe banana is delicious! Plus side, a banana makes you full longer. That’s good news for your diet.

Drink mineral water

You already know the importance of drinking enough water. About this, I advise you to choose plain mineral water. First, having a glass of water is simpler than making a cup of coffee. Also, mineral water is the best choice than thick flavored water to hydrate yourself.

Final verdict: live healthier shouldn’t be complicated.

Start with changing your mindset. Believe that you can change your life to be healthier. You don’t need to do a big transition, because small action can bring a great result. Even, you only need 1 minute to practice a healthy life!

Hopefully, this list gives you an idea to improve your lifestyle. Choose the tips you like best. If you already have a healthy lifestyle, that’s great! What’s your favorite way to live healthily? Share yours in the comment.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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