The Simple Weight Loss Solution for Everyone

Losing weight shouldn’t be hard. Check the 5 tips below to lose weight without exercise and diet.

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Let’s get real–losing weight is not easy. It’s hard for most people. There are two ways of weight loss; diet and exercise. But, that’s hard! Not all people want to follow a diet or exercise. That’s why we always on the journey of pursuing the easiest way to lose weight. 

For most people, a diet can be demanding. There’s a list of food, eating schedule, and a commitment to keep. A commitment to follow a diet requires high willpower. That’s why, in the end, many people find that their diet plan doesn’t work. Is there another way of weight loss besides diet?

Turns out, you can lose weight without following any specific diet. To understand this, then you need to know the secret of weight loss. By understanding this, you can lose weight even you eat anything you want! 

The secret of weight loss

The secret of weight loss is simple; calorie deficit! This is just as simple as it sounds. You only need to eat less food than you need. Every food choice is up to you; as long as the calorie intake is lower than the calorie burned. 

The key to this is to know your daily calorie intake. Make sure you know this first! The calorie needed is different from person to person based on their age, weight, height, and gender. Generally, a woman needs 1,800 calories per day, while a man needs 2,200 calories. Check here to calculate your calorie intake.

The advantages of calorie deficit method

You don’t need to exercise

Even you’re not exercising, you are still burning calories. If your purpose solely to lose weight, you just need to lower your calorie intake. No need to do some exercise, then! You can stick to your normal daily activities.

After knowing your calorie intake, you need to know how many calories you need to cut. In general, to lose 1 pound of weight, you need to reduce 3,500 calories. The reduction can come from decreasing your food intake or exercise. A classic spaghetti and meat sauce contains 548 calories. Then, if you cut your dinner to almost a half, you can lose 1 pound in 2 weeks! Assume that you cut 250 calories per day. In 14 days, you will lose 3,500 calories. And that’s without an exercise!

More freedom for your food choice

With this method, you don’t need to follow a specific meal plan. Remember, all you need to do is only to reduce your meal portion. Any food can works! For the best result, reduce the most calorie-dense food in your meals. An example of this is pizza and fast food (so obvious, huh?). 

Everyone can do this

Another good news is everyone can do this! Diet can be somehow expensive. This due to a grocery list that may not friendly with your wallet. Some diet programs may include supplements to replenish nutrients that cut out from the program. So, if you prefer to save some money, reducing calorie intake is good for your wallet. 

Important note

Do in moderation

However, please bear in mind that you reduce your calorie intake in moderation. Reducing only a half portion of your dinner sounds good. However, a sudden cold-turkey to eating 1 meal per day may be harmful to your gut.  

Return to your normal calorie intake

Another important note is to know when to return to your normal meal intake. After you attain your weight loss target, you need to go back to your normal meal portion. This is crucial, because if you in a constant calorie deficit for a long period (i.e. for 6 months), your health may deteriorate. 

Easy tips to get a weight loss

With all the benefits explained above, then it’s time for some tips. Reducing calorie intake shouldn’t be hard! 

1. Stop eating after 9 p.m.

Eat your meal at your normal daily schedule. Eating after 9 pm typically includes a poor food choice that leads to eating more calories. Eating too close to your bedtime also impact your gut health. After all, no online salad store that opens after 9 pm! Nighttime should be reserved for sleep. That’s all.

2. Change sugary drinks with tea or infused water

Watch your drink intake. A cup of store-bought juice or milk may contain a high level of sugar. With that’s in mind, try to switch your flavored drink with a cup of tea. You can make a cup of tea or a bottle of infused water. By making your own drink, you have more control over what you put in your drinks. You will get the benefit without added sugar, too!

3. Drink a glass of water before any meals

You must know how much it feels when you’re really hungry. Especially, if you have your meal late. We tend to devour everything on our plates faster and end up eating more food. Worry not! Enforce yourself to drink a glass of water before your meals. You will feel fuller and eat more mindful.

4. Eat regularly

Eating at a similar schedule is far better than have irregular meals. Eating regularly can keep you full, which will reduce your hunger and cravings. Eating fewer than three times a day can risk you overeating in the next meal. And since we already know how to eat regularly, everyone can do this!

5. Sleep early

This works best to curb your nighttime craving. Before any craving creeping in, just sleep it out! A night of healthy sleep will also result in a better mood the next day. A good mood can lead to healthier food choices and vice versa. Who knows a good sleep can beneficial to weight loss!

Final verdict

There’s another way to losing weight, and that is counting your calorie deficit. The advantage to reduce your calorie intake is enormous. That’s mean more freedom of food choice for you. Also, you can do this despite your background, and you don’t need to exercise! That’s a big win. 

However, if you’re not sure to set a good calorie deficit for you, a diet can be helpful. A diet program can help you to lose weight with complete guidance. There’s plenty of diets you can choose from, like keto, Mediterranean, paleo, intermittent fasting, and so on. A diet program may help you to lose weight faster than a simple calorie-cutting from your day. 

But if you want more freedom in your meal program, then a calorie deficit method is perfect for you! To get a maximum result, just be remember to have a healthier food choice. Combine this with healthy lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle will guarantee not only weight loss, but an improvement in your life. If you want to exercise, that’s even better. Exercise shouldn’t be hard! 

Hopefully, this can give you another idea of how to lose weight. What’s the best weight loss method for you? Share yours in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading! 

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