Self-care Sunday: 9 Slow Living Tips For A Better Weekend

What is the most precious wealth? I think that the most precious wealth is time. Because, time is an asset that you can’t replace with anything else.

However, most of us think that we don’t have enough time. We live in a fast-paced era where everyone seems always moving, do something, and be productive.

Even, we do a side hustle on the weekend.

This makes us feel have no time to rest and take care of ourselves. We are being busy to always do something. By hustling, we don’t realize how much time passed and we feel we don’t have much time.

That’s why I’m against hustle culture that implies us to be productive all the time. We cannot be always moving 24/7.

The good news is, there is an alternative to this culture. Which is, a slow living.

What is Slow Living?

Slow living

Slow living means that we intentionally take a slower approach in life to have a quality life. However, you need to know that slow living doesn’t mean that you are lazy or not doing anything. Having a quality life doesn’t mean laziness, right? If any, slow living will help you to balance your life.

Slow living means that we savor and appreciate the time we have. It’s about being mindful of our time and our life. No mindless activity and no need to rush things.

If you have been busy on your weekday, then the weekend is the perfect time to reset and slowing down. After all, we all need a balance between productivity and rest.

Having work as a finance professional, I know how the feeling of burnout and how much I want to get out from it. So, I am all about balancing our life with self-care. On the weekend, you can spend your time to have a self-care Sunday.

9 Slow Living Tips to Have a Better Weekend

The slow living approach will help you to have a better self-care Sunday. Here are 11 simple tips to apply slow living in your weekend.

1. Unplug from social media

How many times do you check for social media? Average adults spend 4 – 5 hours on smartphone, where the 2 to 3 hours of it spent on social media. That’s a lot of time! You can spend that time on other activities that you like.

Having a digital detox will help you to reclaim your time.

However, I know unplugging from social media is not easy. So I suggest only unplugging for 2 or 3 hours in your weekend (on the day, of course, not while you sleeping!).

During the unplug period, turn off all your notification. This will help you to reduce the urge to check your phone. But, you might think, how if anyone checking on me? Actually, you don’t worry, you won’t miss anything! If it’s urgent, people will eventually call you anyway.

Social media detox

2. Not planning and be spontaneous

Once in a while, you might not have any appointment, be it with your friends, family, or your partner. If you don’t have an appointment, then try to not planning anything for your weekend.

When it comes to relaxing, having a plan is somehow restrictive. It might weigh you if the plan doesn’t work really well. On the other hand, having no plan helps you to have more freedom to do what you like.

Slow living means not restrict yourself to any plan and time limit. Be spontaneous and enjoy the flow of your weekend!

3. Ditch the clock

No need to limit your relaxing activities with time restrictions. The weekend is the time to have a long self-care Sunday. So, feel free to relax as long as you like!

When talking about time, I think time is a funny concept. Sometimes we just want to start doing something when it’s already the time. While actually, you don’t have to start your activities with a set of time.

For example, you might plan for at-home yoga at 10am. But, it’s still 9.41 am, and it looks like an odd number. But, why wait? After all, time is a concept made by humans. So, it’s okay to not looking at the clock during your weekend!

4. Take it slow

Take things slow is the heart of slow living. How to do this? It’s by doing one thing at a time, choosing quality over quantity, and not rushing to do anything.

Currently, we live in a fast-paced culture where we feel the urge to always move, do something, and be productive. However, I think the fast-paced culture is not naturally human because we didn’t evolve in that way. After all, we can’t be productive and move fast all the time. We need to balance our life with slowing it down.

If you already busy and hustling through your weekend, then no need to running errands on your weekend. Your body and mind need time to heal.

5. Say no to things that drained you

It’s about saying yes to the things that refreshed you up! To have a self-care Sunday, you can do anything that you like. However, it’s better to also choose the activity that won’t make you feel drained or feel bad.

For example, if you like to watch a reality show but it makes you drained in the end, then it’s not a good choice. Or maybe you have a side hustle, but it might drains your energy.

Do activities that make you refreshed better. You might like a DIY spa-day, sleeping, or journaling.

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6. Prioritize yourself

Slow living

Sometimes the weekend is the time for family gatherings or time with friends. Then, how to make time for self-care? Before attending some event, make sure you prioritize your wellbeing. No need to feel guilty if you take self-care first before taking care of the others.

You have already spent so much time on your weekday with other people, then it’s perfectly normal to give some time to yourself on the weekend. You might not know it, but other people focus on themselves, too!

So, it’s okay to be gentle with yourself, enjoy your time slowly, and having self-care.

7. Simplify your day

To slowly enjoy your time means that to have a simple day. No need to complicate your self-care or any activities on your weekend. Do one thing at a time. Even, it’s okay to do nothing!

If you are afraid that your mind might wander away by doing nothing, try to do a mindfulness practice.


8. Let go of your expectation

Most of us tend to expect that things always going well or smoothly, especially on the weekend. But, remember that life is unexpected and we can’t always 100% sure what will happen next (even in the next minute!).

However, keeping your expectations low doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve good things in life. If any, this will liberate you from the possibility of disappointment if things don’t go well.

Maybe, your electricity goes off or your neighbor makes a loud noise. After all, we don’t know what will happen.

The good thing is, you can always control your thoughts, behavior, mindset, and anything that comes from your inner self. By focusing on yourself rather than the external circumstances, you will have less stress and worry in your life.

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9. Be mindful of your self-care

Self-care Sunday

You might be thinking that to savor your weekend, you can do anything you like. However, devoting your day to self-care doesn’t mean that you do anything you like. Slow living is also about being mindful, so choose the activity that you like and beneficial for you.

I admit I like binge-watching. However, after binge watching, I often don’t feel any better after that. I feel drained and sleepy. While, what I need is to feel refreshed and relaxed, not drained and sleepy. So, I unsubscribed from the streaming service and exercising instead. Turns out, being mindful of self-care makes me feel calmer, healthier, and happier! I also not feeling guilty about taking an exercise (I’m proud of it!).

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Slow Living for a Self-care Sunday

Applying a slow living approach can help you to have a nourishing self-care Sunday. It’s easy to try a slow living, I believe you can do it.

Hopefully, this helps you to have a more enjoyable weekend! Slowing down is one way to balance your life between busyness and productivity. What’s your thought? I’d love to hear your thought about slow living and self-care.

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